Tesla Crystal Cover Single Power Point




Collections: Switches & Outlets

Product type: Acrylic Switches

Vendor: Tesla


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The Tesla Slim Glass Switch & Power Point Series are the most affordable glass panel push button light switch on the market. The exclusive design enables glass-look on the entire faceplate including a chrome ring finish around the switch button for the most elegant and modern look.


  • Slimline Single Power Point GPO White Glass BRAND NEW
  • 10 Amp GPO2 with White Crystal Cover
  • Size: 114mm x 75mm x 6mm (Slim Design)
  • All switches complys with Australian Standards Approval: AS/NZS 60898
  • Comes complete with Backing Plate, Removable Cover, Switches and Screws
  • Can be mounted Vertically & Horizontally, just push the mech out and turn them around
  • Designed to fit all standard brackets and clips for mounting
  • Compatible with Clipsal mechs


  • 3 Years Replacement Warranty